is an Official link that can help the user to activate the Roku streaming device. The official Roku activation link is

Enter the Roku activation code and enable the Roku stream device or TV. Best for all device this link going to be used else search step by step in Roku Installation and Setup Guide.

Before buying Roku device check Roku Express and Streaming Stick+, What they do and how they do work. Complete Guide that is going to help Roku Activation Problems and Setup related help without going anywhere.

    • User can activate from
    • User can see many Roku channels, video and live to stream.
    • User can take a monthly subscription and change it according to our convenient.

Roku Streaming

Roku Streaming is a hassle-free, latest technology and very economical to watch T/V, Only require to connect Roku device into t/v. However, the user needs to set up a Roku account, after that user only needs to Activate Roku device. Users can watch several free or paid channels. The most benefit Roku streaming is not required to download any video, because we can directly watch it on the internet. 

About Roku Device

Roku Device is a package of entertainment where user can get all kind of TV shows, drama, web series, movies, cartoon etc. User can add more channel from the Roku store which is available on their roku device. 1

How to Activate Roku Using and Roku Activation Code?

Here is the Guide to Setup and Activate it by

    1. Turn on Roku TV and Roku streaming device by pressing the home button.
    2. Launch the TV screen.
    3. Users will get a Roku Activation Code.
    4. Below the activation code, the user can find the activation link, which is
    5. Open the web browser on the computer and type the URL for the Roku device activation.
    6. Use google chrome recommended.
    7. Enter the activation code and log in to the Roku account.
    8. Now Roku device has been activated.

If the user doesn’t have a Roku account, then they can create a new account using They can add channel if Roku account is already activated my.roku.comsignin.

Roku activation issues during activation link and Roku not working?

Some basic Roku activation issues are listed below:
    • If the user does not have a good internet connection.
    • If TV is not detecting the device.
    • If the home network is not secure or our computer is infected from the virus.
    • Temporary Internet or server connection problem.

How to Update the Roku.Com/Link Account Without Credit Card?

If a user wants to update or create an account in, only need to follow these steps.
    • Open account in Desktop or Laptop.
    • Fill all information like First Name, Last Name, Email, Verify Email, Password, and Verify Password.
    • User needs to accept the license agreement.
    • Now it will ask to select a payment option & Billing address, so here the user can choose I will add later.
    • Now It will display our message that the Roku account has been created.

Roku Device Setup Process at Home

It’s very easy to Setup Roku at home. When the user buys a New Roku TV Device, the only thing which the user needs to follow, is inside the user guide.
    1. Streaming Stick
    2. Remote Control
    3. AC Power Adapter
    4. Battery

Step 1. How to Connect Roku

The first user needs to find HDMI Port, which should be available on TV and plug the ROKU device in
that Port, If unable to connect Roku device with TV then the user can use HDMI extender cable. Use
the TV remote and press the input button over the remote and press the source button as well, to
target the Same input which is used by the Roku device.

Step 2. Power up Roku Streaming Device

First, Insert the batteries into the remote and check if the green lights should be flashing. Then after
the user needs to power on the Roku stick using USB power cable, either user can connect USB with
TV directly or also connect it with an AC power adapter with wall electricity. Then the Roku logo
appears on TV Screen. After the Roku logo, the user needs to select the language according to the

Step 3. Connect with WiFi network

To connect the WiFi network with Roku Device, the user needs to select a home WiFi network and
enter the network security key, if it will connect successfully then Roku player software will update
with the latest features automatically.

Step 4. Activate Roku Player

To Activate Roku Player, go online and login with email and password. Then after entering the pin
generated by the Roku streaming device. Users can add and subscribed channels in the Roku account.
Just sit back relax and start watching the Roku channel on TV.

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