Online Help and Support @ 1-855-623-2303 is an Official link that can help you to activate Roku® streaming device. The official Roku activation link is

Enter your Roku activation code and enable your Roku stream device or TV. Best for all device this link going to be used else search step by step in Roku Installation and Setup Guide.

Before you buy Roku device just check Roku Express and Streaming Stick+, What they do and how they do work. Complete Guide that going to help Roku Activation Problems and Setup related help at your place.

  • We can activate from
  • We can see many Roku Channels, video, and live to stream.
  • We can take a monthly subscription and change it according to our convenient.

How to Activate Roku Using and Roku Activation Code

Guide to Setup and Activate here

  • Turn on your Roku TV or Roku streaming device by pressing the home button.
  • Launch the TV screen.
  • You will get a Roku activation code.
  • Below activation code, you will find activation link which is
  • Open your computer and type that url in the internet browser for activation. ( use Google Chrome recommended )
  • Enter your Activation code and log in to your account.
  • Now your device has been activated.

If you don’t Have Roku account then you can create an account using you can add channel if your account is already activated

Roku activation issues during activation link and Roku not working?

Some basic Roku activation issues

  • If we do not have a good internet connection.
  • If our t/v is not detecting the device.
  • If our Home network is not secure or our computer is infected from the virus.
  • Temporary Internet or server connection problem.

How To Fix Roku Error Code 003 Using

Its mean we need to update our Roku device so when our device connects with the Internet, it will ask us for an update so we just need to update our Roku device software.

How to Update the Roku.Com/Link Account Without Credit Card?

If we want to update or create an account in, so we need to follow these steps.

  • Open roku com/link account in your Desktop or Laptop.
  • Fill all information like First Name, Last Name, Email, Verify Email, Password, and Verify Password.
  • We need to accept the license agreement.
  • Now it will ask you to select payment option & Billing address, so here we can choose I will add later. Now It will display our message that your account has been created.

Roku Streaming

Roku Streaming is a hassle-free, Latest Technology & Very Economical to watch T/V, Only require to connect your Roku device into t/v. However, we need to set up a Roku account after that we only activate our Roku device. You can watch several free or paid channels. The most benefit of Roku Streaming is not required to download any video cause we can directly watch it on the internet.

Casting on Roku

Share contain can easily from your TV to your other devices. the product should support casting and enable too. You can share TV shows, Videos, and movies using your mobile app that supports casting like Netflix and Youtube.

  • This device should be on the same wireless network.
  • Internet connection should be good for batter streaming.

Contact customer support for device Help regarding Roku activation code else for activation go to link.

What Is The Process To Reset Roku Remote To Make It Work Again?

Unplug Batteries from your remote.
Remove the power cable from your Roku device. And wait form 10 seconds.
First Turn ON Roku Device and when you can see Roku home screen on your t/v then insert your batteries in your remote.
Now press and hold the pairing button for 30-40 seconds now you can see the light is flashing and your Roku Remote is ready to use.

Roku apps

Roku activation code
All screen receiver
Url Roku com link create account.
Before you buy Roku device check Popular Roku Ultra and Roku Streaming Stick+, What they do and how they do work. Complete Roku Guide that was going to help Roku Activation Problems and Setup related help and Solution at your place.
Watch movies and TV shows non-commercials and with Captions.