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The Health Benefits of Canoeing

When you are a lover of training outdoor, canoeing can be a great method of exercising for you. This is an effective route to fitness especially for people who do not love going to the gym and like trying out different things. This exercise can be done together with friends and family or on a solo mission. The sport has many health benefits, and you should, therefore, try it. Unlike many other exercising activities, this activity has a low impact, and therefore it will not strain your muscles extremely. The following are some of the major benefits of canoeing and kayaking.
To begin with, these exercises are important for those who want to lose weight. Exercise is a fun way of shedding off unwanted pounds. When you burn the calories, you will be more physically fit, which is also a direct benefit of canoeing. There will be more strength in the muscles, you will have more body strength, you will be more flexible, and the cardiovascular system will be stronger. The exercise is more effective to the body when it is carried out for longer periods and you just need to be slow and steady to improve fitness.
Second, canoeing and kayaking are important activities that improve your mental health. While this activity is important to the physical aspects of the body, it is also important in improving the mental aspects. After going through a 12-week canoeing program, the participants of the research reported having more feelings of self-worth, confidence, and adequacy. This was contributed by their new physical appearance and the release of more dopamine after exercises.
Third, there is reduced risk or wear and tear in the joints. Due to the low impact of the sport, there is reduced chances of having wear and tear in joints like those that the one caused by more intense activities like running. The result of this is that you will have healthier joints, which makes it a great sport since it can be done by the majority without discriminating. An example of a group that cannot perform intense exercises like running is the elderly. However, they can easily do canoeing.
Fourth, there is improved cardiovascular health due to canoeing and kayaking. According to research by the Manchester Metropolitan University, canoeing has been proved good to the heart. When canoeing, the heart is able to pump blood more around the body, hence efficiency in circulation. When there is more circulation, there is the removal of toxins and lessen the stress on the heart, especially for the people of advanced ages.
Lastly, the need for stability when maneuvering a canoe can be important to your core strength. They practiced balance when you are in the river will lead to more core strength in the upper part of the body. You will paddle with more efficiency when you have this strength because it enhances the stability and balance of the boat. The core strength will also be applicable in other day-to-day activities.

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