How to do I activate Roku Streaming Stick

You can easily set up a guide to Activate Roku devices like Roku streaming stick and many other Roku products.

How do I set up my Roku streaming stick

Step 1:- So, firstly…You have to select language When your Roku Streaming Stick powers on. you can select a language then press an ok button from your Roku remote.

Step 2:- Connect your Roku streaming stick to the internet according to network capability. you can select a wireless network and use it to connect your computer or smartphone via the internet.

Step 3:- enter your case-sensitive password and then select. Your Roku Streaming Stick device will automatically connect to the internet.

Step 4:- wait for still downloading and your Streaming Stick will download the latest version of Roku OS software and then reboot.

Step 5:- select and set your display type for better resolution of Roku streaming. you can change the display type go to setting menu.

Step 6:- Finally, you need to create an account to activate your Roku streaming. you will be required to visit the official link on your computer or smartphone. you must be enter code from your TV.

So, you have completed all the steps related to activating the streaming stick.

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