How To Install And Setup Roku Express On TV Using Roku Com Link?

In Roku com link, Step by Step Guide to Setup Roku Express On TV Using Roku Com Link.

  1. Plug your Roku Express in your TV’s HDMI port. If you have more than 1 HDMI port so note it down.
  2. Power ON your Roku Roku Express.
  3. Now select Correct HDMI port from the TV remote or input t/v video so you can see Roku setup options.
  4. Now it will ask us to select a Language so we can choose English from here.
  5. The next option is to connect to your wireless network, so here we need to find our home network, and we need to select it, and we need to type here our Wifi password.
    6.If our network information is right that our Roku device will connect with the internet and it will prompt us option” Get the Latest Software” so if an update is there we just need to update it.
  6. Now Next step is to activate your Roku Express. This is an essential step. Roku device will provide us with a Unique activation code so note down this code and go to any desktop or laptop where your internet is already working and open a website
  7. Now type the same activation code here and submit it.
  8. Now Roku Express will ask you that you have a Roku account or not so if you have an account then use your account information here else create a new account.
  9. Now Roku will ask you to generate PIN for security reason. If you create a 4 digit PIN Number than whenever you will add the new channel from channel store than Roku will ask you your PIN Number.
  10. After that, you need to provide payment information and Billing Address to Roku.
  11. If you want to add channels to you may from here.
  12. Now Go to t/v, and you can see your channel list is updating and it will take a few seconds, and it will be done.
  13. The setup has been completed now watch whatever you want.


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