Roku Express VS Amazon Fire TV Stick

Some basic difference between Roku Express & Amazon Fire TV stick is that:-

  1. We can control Roku Express through IOS, Android, Windows, and BB10 but we can only use ISO or Android for Amazon Fire TV Stick, there is no option for windows or BB 10.
  2. Roku fire stick is user-friendly as compared to Amazon Firestick.
  3. Both support 4k streaming, but Roku performance is better.
  4. Amazon Firestick is supporting Dolby vision & HDR10, but Roku Expr. only supports HDR10.


  1. Now on some manner, both devices are the same as both support 4k UHD streaming.
  2. Both provided dedicated remote control.
  3. Both provided a voice search feature.
  4. We can easily set up both devices from our TV.

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