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Roku Support Customer service is very dedicated and helpful If you have any problem regarding. Anything or if you want to know about the new product you can talk to them. But before the talk, they have a very good option that we can take by Roku is a support to check any question or query on their website.

Because right now might be we have 2- 3 questions but if we check their website we can find them. Already gave many question’s answers there so we no need to talk with any person again & again.

They have 4 categories.

1.The question before buy.

2.Question about belling, account or order.

3.Question about set up your Roku device. Or account.

4. Troubleshooting.

So we can select it according to our query. First thing is that if you visit on their website first you need to select the question according to your need after that they will give you answer or help according to it.

First, they already prepared many options so we do not need to wait for any person who can talk or help us. Because many users have many time the same questions so we can find an answer according to categories.

Roku Activation Issue

 1. If you are trying to activate Roku and code is expire so you need to regenerate code. as Roku activation code will be a change in 10 minutes.

2. Use your Roku remote and then press the start button and you can see Get New code option was there so select will receive new code so try it.

3. If the Roku support your device is connected with the router but not with the internet so you can not generate code so make sure your internet is working.

4. If you do not have a good internet connection. So Make sure you are using a fast internet.

5. If your t/v is not detecting the Roku device. You can try to use HDMI extender cable or if you have more than 1 HDMI port than try in other port.

6. If your home network is not secure or your computer is infected from the virus.

So in this condition use a good antivirus and firewall. Because even if you have fast internet and a very latest computer but your network is infected then you will face this type of issue. Actuality Network Worms will consume your network bandwidth, And it will block network. So always use a Good Antivirus and Network Firewall.

7. Temporary Internet or server connection problem. In this condition wait for after 15-20 minutes later and try again. If you bought a good internet connection at that time you need to call your ISP so they will check your internet speed.

Also if it is a server problem than wait for 30-40 minutes and try again.

8. Make sure the code which you are typing is correct because some time as you are tying code it can give you confusion for example 0 & O…

Roku Support Contact number

 The number is 8162728106. Monday to Saturday at 8:00 a.m. To 8:00 p.m. PST.

Email Support

If you are interested to sell their product their email id is

If you have any security-related issue their id is

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