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All You Need to Know About Getting a Pilot License

Many people especially when they were young and asked who would you like to be when you grow old the answer was simply a pilot, but then we never thought of the process involved to fly this magnificent object in the sky, however, if you are still holding up on your childhood dream this article has all the information you need to know how you can pilot license and start rocking the skies and fly to your favorite destinations anywhere in the world.

It is important to recognize that there are different type of pilot license and the process of acquiring the license is straight forward but you need to decide beforehand the exact pilot license you need the main types of pilot licenses to include a recreational pilot certificate, commercial pilot license (CPL), private pilot license (PPL) and sport pilot license (SPL).

Each type of pilot license has some specifics and limitations that come with it, for example, with a recreational pilot certificate you can fly a bigger plane that you can with a sport pilot license, furthermore the requirements to earn a recreational certificate are few, some restrictions of recreational pilot certificate in some countries is that you can only fly with one passenger in a single-engine aircraft and there is a limit of how far you can fly from your home airport which cam range between 50 and 100 nautical miles.

So how do you choose the right license? It can be challenging deciding the exact pilot license you need, do you want to fly alone in the sky simply for pleasure, thrill and adrenaline rush may be a sport pilot license is what you need, or maybe you hope one date to fly a commercial plane as your career, what is important is to assess your goals and desires, if you hope to put more hours in flying and flying friends, family members then pick a private pilot license but if you have a dream to fly a commercial plane then consider going for a commercial pilot license also important factor to consider is the cost, earning an SPL is relatively cheap compared to a commercial pilot license, therefore make sure you analyze your desires and goals carefully before selecting a particular pilot license.

If you ask people how it cost to get a pilot license majority will tell you it is outright expensive, but this is not always true, the process of acquiring the license is not cheap but it is affordable it only requires a couple of thousand dollars, however, the cost will vary according to the type of license you want, for example, a sport pilot license is cheaper compared to a private pilot license simply because you will rent an airplane with a two-seat airplane instead of a four-seat standard aircraft furthermore you need only 20 hours in the air with an instructor compared to 40 hours minimum required for a private pilot license. This is what we thought you might need to know before embarking on acquiring a pilot license.

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